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    FREE Recruiting Lessons

    Complimentary lessons for members to take an in-depth look at the Art & Science of recruiting Loan Officers.

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    Loan Officer Recruiting PlayBook

    Congratulations, you are ready to get started with the Loan Officer Recruiting PlayBook. This series of lessons were developed as a Continued Education platform that…
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    Quick Start Series

    Successfully recruiting, hiring, retaining and promoting loan officers is the “life-blood” of the Mortgage Industry. The Playbook is a contribution to the sustained health of…
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    T.A.P. Five-Day Jump-Start Series

    Recruiting and hiring the right talent is the right thing to do right from the start. This is where the Talent Attraction Planner T.A.P. comes…
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    YOU-FACTOR Proposition

    Why do you think attractive candidates would want to join your organization? Is it because your company is rated “Best Employer Of The Year? Perhaps!…