Expert Coaching – Four (4) Recorded Private One-On-One Recruitment Coaching sessions. This is a really popular package for busy Sales Managers who want to make major changes in a short period of time. We will spend our time together talking about your story, where your current recruiting skills are, and where you want it to be.  






The FAST-TRACK RECRUITING SESSIONS are candid instructions by Jim McGrath that are designed to enhance your current recruiting success.  He helps you break through the candidate barriers and overcome their objections to a making career move while learning his proven tactics to get them to the offer and gain their commitment to join your team.

  • Areas of Immediate Concern – Sourcing, making the initial call, courting, closing on the offer, objections/rebuttals, on-boarding, etc.
  • Self-Improvement Assignments – A checklist to make the changes in your current approach
  • Private Coaching – All private sessions are recorded to help as your new recruitment guideline to meet your goals.
  • Prospect Pipeline Generation – Develop a pipeline of 20 validate & quality loan officers that fit your culture
  • Sessions Evaluation Email – Outlining the assessment results from each session
  • Loan Officer Recruiting Playbook – Lifetime Access and LIVE webinars
  • One-Year Recruiting Planner – Outline your recruiting activities to ensure success
  • Mortgage Recruiting Coach | Complimentary eLessons 


Recruiting Loan Officers may seem like a long journey. Upon completion of the assessment, the four interactive private sessions focus on the main concerns, core skills, and techniques of a successful recruiter that sales managers can start utilizing immediately! 

Your recruiting goals and recruiting comfort level are assessed through a completed questionnaire prior to our session, to set up a game plan.  We’ll map out a plan of action for you to take away and implement. In our coaching sessions, we’ll help you launch your campaign to attract, engage and close the top producers in a competitive mortgage market.


Direct access to your coach!  Real-world recruitment coaching sessions for a fast improvement on your recruiting campaign and candidate relationship effectiveness.

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