Loan Officer Recruiting IQ (LORIQ) Continued Education


Sales Managers who are serious about success and committed to launching their Recruiting Campaign choose Loan Officer Recruiting IQ (LORIQ) Mentoring – for the same reasons they purchase the Playbook, but just want to get the fast track to recruiting qualified loan officers.

LORIQ members benefit from (24) one-hour private sessions, free admission to all of our online webinar events,” and unlimited access to our Recruiting Lesson Library. If you’re struggling to hire and tired of waiting for success, Jim’s interactive mentoring and guidance helps you accelerate your learning curve to execute your Recruiting Campaign.





If you are coachable and are searching for a system that drives candidates to want to learn more. This private mentorship series helps you develop a detailed Talent Attraction Plan. During your one-on-one sessions with Jim McGrath, he helps assist you in developing a Recruiting Campaign to attract a pipeline of the best-fit Loan Officers.

Jim will discuss situational strategies to help you get in front of more Loan Officers and a new approach to the court, close, and onboard processes of more Loan Officers in your pipeline to join your team.

LORIQ members have full access to Jim and his team. Jim is committing to member success by providing on-the-job training, through messaging to get connected to more Loan Officers to join and follow you, developing a step-by-step Recruiting Campaign tailored to YOU, and his live Initial Recruiting calls to ensure you get a candidate to want to meet.

Our full-service mentoring program extends far beyond talking with Jim McGrath.
You’ll also receive access to:

  • Private Sessions | (24) 60-minute private recorded sessions (1) session per week
  • Session Take-Aways | Each Session includes the Call-To-Action to implement into your campaign
  • Blind-Date Support | Initial Interview candidates with Jim to ensure a second interview
  • Accountability Coach | One-year access to advice & tips on interview scenarios
  • Prospect Pipeline Generation | We develop a pipeline of 20 validated loan officers
  • 100% Online Self-Paced eLearning Playbook | Learn the entire courtship step-by-step
  • 18 Recruiting Modules | Headhunter’s techniques, tactics, and tools to manage the process
  • Over 120 Lessons | Play-by-Play of how to recruit like a professional recruiter
  • Call To Action Exercises | Each exercise turns into a unique PLAY for your Recruiting PLAYBOOK
  • Cheat Sheets | Downloadable Checklists + Step-by-Steps for easy reference
  • Custom Scripts | Downloadable scripts to make your own
  • Lifetime access | Loan Officer Recruiting PlayBook
  • Planning | Recruiting Campaign Planner


In these private sessions and interactive interviewing support, Jim discusses strategies that truly attract talent, and keep them engaged with you in the courtship> These proven closing tactics get more candidates to the “Altar” while gaining a commitment to join your team. Upon completion of each interactive 1:1 private session will be focused on your main concerns, while learning the core skills, and closing techniques of a successful headhunter that you can start utilizing immediately! 


Direct access to your mentor!  Real-world recruitment sessions for a fast improvement on your recruiting campaign and candidate closing effectiveness to hire more loan officers.