1:1 Private Coaching VIP PASS with Jim McGrath. This is an ideal coaching session that helps you develop a proven candidate-centric recruiting approach that promotes a great-place-to-work employer brand, teaching you how to connect with your candidates. In this 90-Minute session, Jim will discuss strategies to help you fine-tune your recruiting presentation, tips on how to keep a candidate fully engaged, plus, how to overcome candidate issues and concerns, and ultimately get more candidates to the offer stage, with a commitment to join your team.





The MEET THE HEAD COACH SESSIONS are candid instructions by Jim McGrath that are designed to enhance your current recruiting success. Jim reviews your current recruiting process, and how you handle any concerns, and he will hold you accountable, to keep you on track. This ensures a successful recruiting campaign that increases your efficiency, effectiveness, and overall bottom line, he helps you build your winning team of top-producing loan officers,

  • Loan Officer Recruiting Playbook eLearning | Lifetime Access 24/7/365
  • Areas of Immediate Concern | Sourcing, making the initial call, courting, closing on the offer, objections/rebuttals, onboarding, etc.
  • Self-Improvement Assignments | A checklist to make the changes in your current approach
  • Private Coaching | All private sessions are recorded to help as your new recruitment guideline to meet your goals.
  • Sessions Evaluation Email | Outlining the assessment results from each session
  • One-Year Recruiting Planner | Outline your recruiting activities to ensure success
  • Mortgage Recruiting Coach | Complimentary eLessons 

Jim provides recruitment advice on current issues or candidate situations such as: identifying the best source for names, vetting and courting strategies, proven scripts & rebuttals to overcoming candidate objections, negotiations, and closing the job offer with a candidate’s commitment to join your team.


Upon completion of the assessment, the 90-minute interactive private sessions focus on the main concerns, core skills, and techniques of a successful recruiter that sales managers can start utilizing immediately! 

A mortgage recruitment coach helps you break the candidate barrier and overcome their objections to a move.  In our coaching sessions, we’ll help you launch your campaign to attract, engage and close the top producers in a competitive mortgage market.


Direct access to your coach!  Real-world recruitment coaching sessions for a fast improvement on your recruiting campaign and candidate relationship effectiveness.