Recruiting loan officers requires a constructive approach that focuses on relationship-building before the initial call. It’s important to understand that loan officers often have a speed-dating mindset when considering new opportunities.

To attract and retain top talent, you need to have a compelling message that resonates with them and keeps them engaged throughout the recruitment process. By adopting a candidate-centric approach, you can use proven strategies to connect with potential candidates and build strong relationships before making a cold call.

With a constructive mindset, you can create a welcoming environment for candidates to explore your business opportunity and ultimately commit to joining your team.

Learn how to develop Jim’s recruiting approach, and you’ll be on your way to building a strong team of talented loan officers.




The “Meet the Head Coach” session is a Two-Hour private session with Jim McGrath that guarantees to enhance your current recruiting success. Jim is a seasoned expert who will provide candid and assertive instructions to help you achieve your recruiting goals.

During the session, Jim will meticulously review your current recruiting process and provide you with a no-nonsense approach to connecting with candidates. He will guide you in adopting a Candidate-Centric Courtship of qualified loan officers to ensure a successful recruiting campaign.

This session will help you increase your efficiency, effectiveness, and assertiveness in building a winning team of top-producing Loan Officers.

  • Loan Officer Recruiting Playbook eLearning | Lifetime Access 24/7/365
  • Areas of Immediate Concern | Sourcing, making the initial call, courting, closing on the offer, objections/rebuttals, onboarding, etc.
  • Self-Improvement Assignments | A checklist to make the changes in your current approach
  • Private Coaching | All private sessions are recorded to help as your new recruitment guideline to meet your goals.
  • Sessions Evaluation Email | Outlining the assessment results from each session
  • One-Year Recruiting Planner | Outline your recruiting activities to ensure success
  • Mortgage Recruiting Coach | Complimentary eLessons 


If you’re looking for guidance in recruitment, Jim is here to help. He can provide his approach and advice on various topics, from identifying the best source to identify potential candidates to developing candidate vetting, making the initial call presentation, and candidate-centric courting strategies to get more offer exceptions at the close.

He provides you with proven scripts and how to handle objections/rebuttals to help you overcome common candidate objections. He enables you to navigate through successful negotiation and closing candidates and gain their commitment to joining your team.

With Jim’s expertise, you can streamline your recruitment process and successfully attract top talent to your organization.

Following the 2-hour interactive private session designed to address your primary concerns, enhance your core recruiting skills, and equip you with a new approach successful recruiters use. This approach can be implemented immediately, ensuring a more effective recruiting campaign.

A mortgage recruitment coach helps you break the candidate barrier and overcome their objections to a move.  Our coaching sessions will help you launch your campaign to attract, engage, and close the top producers in a competitive mortgage market.


Direct access to your coach!  Real-world recruitment coaching sessions for a fast improvement in your recruiting campaign and candidate relationship effectiveness.